Yukon and Gossip Boys
Jan 20, 2007
various ages
soon we will hear the pitter patter of tiny
ho hum~~this eating is a hard job but I do it well
ahhh~~just finished eating~
time to kick back
"Bodie"~~3 weeks old  ~~just
after our first bath
~~~~~~gotta love this face
wanna share???
4 weeks
4.5 wks
^ his philosophy is ^
"If I cover the food then it's ALL
Bailiwick Red Hot Chili Pepper
@ 8 weeks
Bailiwick Born To Boogie ???
"Hank" or maybe "Junior" or maybe "Bocephus~~Bo"
for short
@ 8 weeks
"Fargo" off on his new adventure
Chili alias Fatboy going for a ride
Mr. Snoops
@ 8 weeks
@ 8 weeks
staying at Bailiwick
7 weeks
this is "Wells" at 8 weeks
off to his new home
"Logan" waiting for his new mom and
9 weeks old
"Bodie" with his new Dad in Calif
9 weeks
playing king of the mtn on the last
mound of snow
9 weeks ^^^>>>>>
gotta love these ears
wanna go faster?
OK--so I can't believe I'm doing this
La La La
11 wks-just chillin under the table